"You can be very proud of the heritage you continue to safeguard at the Museum. As you celebrate this anniversary, I know you will continue to actively recognize the profound sacrifices that these airmen and sailors made to keep America free. The crews who trained in the SBD Douglas Dauntless dive bombers performed their missions with uncommon valor during World War II. Because of their efforts, Americans from around the world will know the amazing history of DeLand Naval Air Station and the contributions these men made to our nation's defense."

- Gordon R. England,
Secretary of the U.S. Navy 2002

The City of DeLand started the airport in the 1920s with pocket option the first asphalt runway built around 1936. The Navy came to DeLand in 1941 and the City donated the airport to the Navy and the Navy bought additional property around it encompassing what is now the DeLand airport.

The Navy base was opened in November 1942. Bomber squadrons patrolled the coast of Florida for submarines. Trained pilots came here to team with a gunner and they trained together to dive bomb using the SBD Douglas Dauntless aircraft. The men were shipped out after their 3 month training period. The SBDs are credited with sinking four Japanese aircraft carriers and helped to win the war at Midway.

The DeLand Naval Air Station was officially closed in March of 1946 and the Navy returned the entire field over to the City of DeLand.

Florida Military School occupied some of the old buildings at the airport from 1956 to 1971.

The DeLand Naval Air Station Museum was started in 1992, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the base. The City of DeLand donated the Master of Arms Residence for the Museum. The building was restored and dedicated in November, 1995, and has grown steadily ever since. In 2001, the Museum building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fred Clark gave the Museum a MASH helicopter from the Korean War and the use of his hangar, and Chris Stubbs donated a 1941 Buick convertible which is being restored. The Museum has also received a 1954 Army jeep all of which are housed in the hangar. The US Navy has given the Museum a TBF Avenger torpedo bomber which is sitting in the backyard. A group of Museum volunteers are restoring the plane every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

The Museum and Hangar are filled with military artifacts, vintage photographs, memorabilia that have been donated pocket option free demo account to the Museum. There is also a room dedicated to World War I.

The DeLand Naval Air Station Museum is dedicated to preserving our military history for the DeLand community, its visitors and for future generations so they may realize the sacrifices made for their freedoms.

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• The purpose of the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum is to promote the study of the U.S. Naval history, including the DeLand Naval Air Station.

• To seek, discover, preserve and exhibit artifacts, documents, and materials of all U.S. wars.

• Maintains the Museum, exhibits, and pocket option copy trading review displays of books and other materials of all U.S. wars.


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