A barber course in Melbourne

So you are thinking of taking a barber course? Barbers are hair stylists for men; nothing makes for a great hair cut from an experienced barber. They need to be expert in hair cutting as well as shaving techniques. Most people who want to become barbers have to enroll in a vocational institute which helps train them for duration of six to twelve months.

Most of these schools require a person to hold at least a high school degree. The students are taught the necessary skills and knowledge by practical examples. The students first observe how things are done and then they are allowed to practice what they have learned on individuals willing to have their hair styled by novices.

Enrolling in a barber school requires students to be at least above sixteen years of age. However the age limit might differ for each vocational school and some often require students to be 21 and above.

What Sort of training can I Expect?

Anyone attending a barber course would learn the basics of shaving and hair cutting. However as they keep on progressing they would be allowed to practice cutting specific hair styles or specialized beard trimming.

That’s not all though most people learning the course are taught the importance of sanitation, practicing safety and some business management skills as well. Most of the students who complete the diploma prefer to work for other businesses while they learn all the ropes. They can later on establish their own business and this is where the business skills they have learned in the past would come in handy.

Getting a License

In order to be allowed to work as a barber in a shop or setting up your own business you need to have a certified license. This is only possible when you have the necessary documents which show that you have completed certain hours of training from a well known vocational institute.
Each state has its own set of rules. You might need to do a bit of research on your own about how you might obtain a barber license. Having the entire documentation complete can help speed up the process and help you land a job.

Often obtaining a license requires that you might have to sit for a barber exam. It’s simply a test of what you have learned from your barber course. Some people are intimidated but you would only be doing what you actually aimed for, that is to give great haircuts!

How much can you earn from completing a Barber course?

Since barbers are like cosmetologists, only difference is that they deal with an exclusively male clientele. Most barbers are licensed to carry off coloring processes and facials. Anyone training to become a barber can expect to be paid the same amount as a cosmetologist. However the rates might differ according to the place or establishment where they work.

An hourly rate of 15 dollars for newly trained barbers. However the pay might increase with the increase in experience. Most new barbers have to start with basic shampooing and shaving. They only get to give a hair cut once they are believed to have the necessary skills to give their best.

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