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Members, Supporters & Friends of DeLand Naval Air Station:

Here’s the draft of our 2008 By Laws Revision developed by our By Laws committee for review, consideration & comment. This draft has been approved by the Board of Directors and current officers for your perusal in the process.
Title page & index By laws | 2008 Edition DNASM Inc By Laws

Much thought, time, effort & work went into producing this draft for member perusal. We owe a debt of gratitude to folks on the By Laws committee for what they did for us. Good Job Well Done folks. We Appreciate Your Dedication & Effort on this task.

We must now review the product prior to adoption & ratification by a majority of members at our upcoming General Membership meeting..

We scheduled A tentative General Membership Meeting for Wednesday, 17 December, ‘08 to ratifiy these by laws and select our nominating committee to create the candidate slate to elect our Board of Directors, and Officers for 2009

In addition to this important By Laws effort, we are looking for Volunteers in several critical areas. We need to get back to work on our Aircraft both in maintenance & restoration. We must Inventory our collection of Ephemera, Artifacts, Memorabilia & other Historic Items with an eye towards archiving it correctly in a digital data base with reference files. There is also facilities maintenance & upkeep, House keeping, Grounds keeping & other mundane tasks of keeping up with what we have or have going on already.

You can comment on this By Laws Draft, or any other topic relative to DNASM Inc, the museum, the collection, or any related topic. All we ask is keep it clean, civil, simple & relative.

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