Do you want to add a touch of class to your concrete floors? Epoxy paint is used on concrete floors to give it a more aesthetically appealing look. In fact home owners are using epoxy paint to add a touch of class to their old and dreary floorings.

Epoxy paint finished product

Epoxy paint just doesn’t work for concrete floors in homes but can also be used on concrete floors in an industrial or commercial setting. Following are a few epoxy paint ideas which can add a touch of class to your concrete floors.

Marble Finish Epoxy Paint

Marble finish epoxy paint can add a touch of instant glam to boring concrete floors/ though concrete floors are known for their durability they don’t stand up much for aesthetics. In order to make your concrete floors look shiner and beautiful using epoxy paint can do wonders for its look. Take some inspiration from this beautiful faux marble look created by epoxy paint layered on to concrete floor.

Stunning Black Epoxy Paint for Concrete Floors

Black is sophisticated and quite glamorous. If you are the sort who prefers things to be stylish yet minimalistic at the same time then invest in black epoxy paint. Not only would it add dimension to your concrete floors but help change the overall look of your space. Whether its for an office or home, black epoxy floors are quite the rage these days.

Epoxy Floors for Bathrooms and Kitchens

The number one reason epoxy paint is ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors are that’s its satin resistant and they do not absorb water. So you could simply clean those with a dry cloth and you are done. Besides being easy maintenance, these floors can also add a touch of color to your bathroom and kitchen floors. Opt for bright yellows or cool blues.

An epoxy paint drumEpoxy Paint for Garage Floors

Epoxy paint for garage floors is a great option because it’s durable and tough. It not only protects your garage floor but can change it from dull and drab to stylish with just one coat. It provides a high, glossy whine to your garage floor making it look like a commercial floor. There are a variety of colors and designs available to suit just about ever palette.

3 D Effect Epoxy Flooring

From beautiful flowers to stunning sea creatures, the list is endless for 3D Effect epoxy floors. You can use these floors to add dimension to your rooms making them look ethereal and beautiful at the same time. The choices are endless and if you love the quirkiness which comes with these 3 D flooring ideas than these would work great for you. Take some inspiration from this beautiful epoxy floor paint idea.

Graceful White Epoxy Floors

White embodies grace and sophistication. Adding white epoxy paint to your concrete floor can immediately up the oomph factor of your space. White not only gives the room a spacious look but looks great too. It helps make the floor durable and easier to clean along with making it look great.

With so many ideas to choose from why shouldn’t you think about epoxy paint for your concrete floors as well?