Have you ever got to the point where you look around your home and wonder ‘when did I get this much stuff?’ Well, the good news is that you are not alone there. You are in the same ship with a lot of people all around the world. Our property generally sums up our life stories. Yes, you might have started off at  a small apartment in the city but you are now maybe married with kids or maybe, you have been gathering up stuff travelling over the years.

The big question is, how do you achieve adequate storage space if you cannot get a space that suits all your storage needs while still managing to stick to a tight budget?

The first thing is to get innovative in your furniture options. Innovative designers have over the years come up with furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Small spaces can be made to look beautiful with furniture that also doubles as storage space. For example, a storage ottoman would make for a beautiful coffee table while giving you some much needed space in your house. Another functional piece of furniture is a storage bed and this works for kids and adults alike. Getting treasure chests for children to store their toys gives them a place to store their stuff and at the same time, provide some stylish furniture which earns them bragging rights in front of their friends.

Another great piece of functional furniture is a murphy bed. Over the years, murphy beds have grown more and more popular especially with the rise of tiny houses. Murphy beds have also proved to be advantageous to city apartments which typically do not have a lot of square footage.

The second thing is to make up for space by getting any furniture you can off the floor. If you get the media console for example, mounted rather than have it free standing, your place would not feel as cluttered for the simple reason that there will be space on the floor. Well, granted, it does not do a whole lot but the people who have tried this have reported to prefer mounted furniture over the more traditional free standing pieces of furniture.

One of the greatest pieces of functional furniture is kitchen islands. Getting one will not only add some much needed sitting space but also give you storage options for your kitchen supplies.

Adding some items like coat racks, and using a simple wooden hamper instead of a canvas one improves the general look of the bathroom while providing a base in case you need to stack storage containers without compromising on your square footage.

However, while having functional furniture may work for most people, sometimes you may find that you need even more storage facilities than you thought. This is where self storage also known storage units come into play, the best thing about storage units is that they are fairly affordable.

What makes storage a big issue for most people is the fact that no one wants to lose out on items that have sentimental value but having said all this, you surely have more options now than you had ta the beginning of this article. Happy sorting everyone.